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Dress Code

Dress Code for Madison Middle School


All students are required to wear IDs  when on the Madison campus.  IDs must be visible at all times and worn on an appropriate lanyard around the neck, on the outside layer of  clothing.  Students will be provided with one replacement ID, after that the student will be charged $2 for any additional IDs. 

All student shirts, tops, blouses, etc. must have sleeves, no bare shoulders. 

All skirts and shorts must exceed the length of the student’s middle fingertip as they place their extended arms by their side with shoulders relaxed, even with leggings underneath.

Pants and shorts shall be worn so that no undergarment (underwear, shorts, athletic shorts, etc.) can be seen while standing, sitting, or bending.  Yoga pants/leggings must be worn with a shirt or skirt/dress that covers the rear end.  Shredded/torn jeans must be worn so that no skin is shown within the area of the middle fingertip when arms are extended by the side; shoulders relaxed (just as shorts and skirts).

The following ARE NOT appropriate: articles of clothing with advertisement for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, sexual activity, disrespectful, bigotry toward any group, and gang related attire.

Sagging or bagging is not allowed.  Pants must be fitted around the waist and the length properly. (No more than one size too big)

No excessively tight or revealing clothing.  No pajamas or slippers. 

Headwear cannot be worn inside the buildings.   Exceptions to this rule (religious/cultural) will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis with administration approval. Sunglasses are to be worn outside only.

No bandannas, spiked jewelry, chains, or accessories that could potentially be dangerous.

All Madison team jerseys that are tank top must be worn with an undershirt underneath at all times.


Madison staff members may issue infractions for students who are out of dress code, including not wearing or properly displaying student ID.