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Boys Basketball Tryouts
Posted 10/17/17

As you know the Madison main gym is under a major renovation so all PE classes and athletic activities must use the newly renovated auxiliary gym.  Also, APS Athletics revised our program so that the A & B boys teams will play in the fall and then the A & B girls teams will start in Jan.  That being said, along with hiring two new coaches and dealing with the logistics of having over 70 kids trying out in our Aux gym, we had to delay the start of our boys’ basketball tryouts.  Our new coaches are Brandon Heckroth-A team and John Siedlecki-B team.


After meeting with our new coaches, we have come up with a tryout schedule that will best meet our needs.


Friday Oct 20th        

All 6th and 7th grade boys tryouts. Cuts will be made at the end of this tryout.

Monday Oct 23rd    

7th graders asked to come back and all 8th graders.  Cuts will be made at the end of this tryout.

Tuesday Oct 24th   

6th, 7th and 8th grade boys ask to come back.  Cuts may be made at the end of this tryout.


Tryouts will start at 3:20 in the Auxiliary gym and run till 5:30pm.  Boys are to change into their practice clothes in the main hallway bathroom.  Any food should be eaten outside of the gym and only water bottles will be allowed in the gym.  No sports drinks are allowed in the gym.


Tryouts are closed to all spectators.  Parents should pick their student/athlete up promptly at 5:30.   We cannot leave students unattended in the parking lot and our coaches need to get home to their families as well.


All students who wish to tryout must have completed an APS physical form and either have turned them into the office already or bring with them to the first day of tryouts.  The athletic director will be checking grades for the first 9 weeks.  All students who tryout must have a 2.0 with no more than one ‘F’.

Thank you for your patience!  We look forward to a successful season.